Explore the sweet side of Middle Eastern food with our collection of freshly prepared pastries, sweets, and desserts. A perfect ending to any meal.

Amazing, authentic baklava. They have types and flavors I had never seen. The staff makes all the baklava in the bakery from scratch, so it's truly fresh! They also serve excellent Kurdish coffee and tea. 

The owner, Shero, is incredibly nice and friendly and will educate you on the art of baklava, if you ask. 

They also give very generous samples. Yum. The bakery is really cute too, and they have some tables right by the window facing 39th street.


- Andrew K.

Save room for coffee and dessert

Our rich Kurdish coffee is made with the finest roasted coffee beans and our unique blend of Kurdish spices.

I am not a baklava expert, but these were delicious! The bird's nests are beautiful to look at, a little complicated to eat, and totally worth making a special stop at this new bakery. 

The owners are very nice, answered my many questions without batting an eye, and shared details about quality ingredients (using nuts harvested this year for better flavor).

While I didn't try the beverages (the weather was too warm), I appreciate that they offer hot beverages with their pastries. 

This is the kind of place that would be easy to pop into for a quick dessert and coffee after dinner on 39th street.


-Gretchen P.

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​Sultan's Cafe

Chef's Specialties


Crispy layer of ground phylo dough a top of a rich cheese layer, baked to perfection then drizzled with rosewater nectar.


Hellfire (Bennarain)

A rich layer of thick custard between two crispy layers of shredded phylo dough baked on both sides to perfection


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