​Sultan's Cafe

Our Story

Sultan's Cafe can provide pastries and desserts for any occasion or event: order a few of our dessert trays to make a business meeting more enjoyable, or surprise your family at dinner with sweet, rosewater nectar baklava. No matter the occasion, we will always provide you with a perfect and authentic product.

Our delicious pastries, from baklava to hariseh, are made with authentic Mediterranean recipes. We provide our customers at Sultan's Cafe with an authentic Mediterranean experience with our baked goods that you will be unable to find anywhere else in town. It only takes one try to get addicted and ask for more!

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Sultan's Cafe | 1708 West 39th St. Suite B, Kansas City, MO 64111 | Phone: (816) 263-1999

Sultan's Cafe is a family-run business in Kansas City, MO that specializes in Mediterranean pastries and desserts. We offer only the finest-quality products: our pastries are made from scratch in our own kitchens without any additives or preservatives. We do this to ensure that our customers get the absolute best baked goods, and the difference is easy to taste.

We create a wide variety of Mediterranean pastries at Sultan's Cafe. We offer classic and well-known dishes, such as baklava, birds nest and knafeh, as well as our own specialty items, such as cheese, potato, and beef fatayer. No matter what dessert you are looking for, we will have a sweet and authentic product waiting for you at our Cafe.